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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rise of Hope - Kaily Hart

Rise of Hope - Kaily Hart

I am not usually into romance novels, but the way Kaily combined the Fantasy Fiction with Romance peaked my interest. Rise of Hope is the first book in the Fabric of Fate series that shows great promise.

The series stars a young girl, Devon, who has been kept prisoner and allowed no physical contact. She was alone and utterly confused about who and what she was. While growing up tattoos started appearing on her body for no apparent reason. She plans her escape and is surprised to be assisted by others tattooed like her. She finds some answers she has needed her entire life, and meets someone she’d never dreamed of.

Devon and her friend Seth go through some serious soul searching and experience tremendous personal growth throughout the story. These main characters and their supporting friends are written superbly with traits that are easily identified and associated with.

I was quickly drawn in from the beginning and captivated for the entire read. I was drawn in by the Fantasy side of the story, an old endangered species of human, supernatural abilities and the like, and when the Romance portion entered the plot it flowed perfectly. The sexual content does get a little explicit but not as to detract from the storyline.

This is the first book of Kaily’s that I have read, but if the rest of them are anything like this I may have to check them out as well. Even if I’m not as interested in her other books as I was in this one, I will definitely be keeping an eye on the release dates for this series so I can continue the trek of these supernaturals to find their fellow beings.

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