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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Godling Chronicles - of Gods and Elves (Volume 2)

The Godling Chronicles - Of Gods and Elves (Volume 2) - Brian D. Anderson

If you haven’t read Volume 1, the Sword of Truth, then you may want to read that before you read this review…. Spoilers of Sword of Truth follow….

Yet another 5 star book from an amazing author in what I am sure will soon be a #1 bestselling series.

We join Gewey after his fight with the Half-man Harlondo, and he is in the Spirit world with a man claiming to be his father. In the real world, Geweys body is unconscious and severely injured. Kaylia joins Gewey through the soul bond and together they work to get Gewey’s mind back to his body.

Lord Nal’Thain sends a rescue crew to his homeland of Hazrah to remove his wife and son from danger, but as the crew soon discovers, its too late. Lee’s wife has already been taken to Angrääl by the Dark Knight’s now mobile army, and his son Jacob was imprisoned.

Doing what they can to save Jacob, they find themselves in a web of deceit and lies and Lee is forced to make a fateful decision. Maybell and Malstisos meet up with a band of humans traveling with two elves from the Steppes, but again all is not as it appears and the threat of death soon approaches.

After Gewey and Kaylia’s minds return from the spirit world, they encounter a meeting with the High Lady of Valshara, and Theopolou, and Elven Elder. It is decided that Gewey and Kaylia will accompany Theopolou and his elves back to the Chamber of the Maker with the Book of Souls.

Gewey and Kaylia decide to complete their bonding ritual in front of the Elven Elders in the Chamber of the Maker, but when he is challenged and wins, the real danger sets in as a civil battle erupts between the Elves and the Chamber is attacked; Kaylia is kidnapped by agents of the Dark Knight.

This volume of The Godling Chronicles is packed full of twists and turns. Lord Nal’Thain is confronted with his son’s deceit; halfway across the countryside Malstisos is challenged to a fight to the death by a seeker from the Steppes; Gewey tries to win the Elves to his side of the coming war; the Temple of Valshara is attacked by the Dark Knights agents; Kaylia is being taken to the Dark Knight’s kingdom of Angrääl.

I pray to the Creator that Brian D. Anderson and his son quickly turn out Volume 3 of the Godling Chronicles as I foresee this series becoming an epic tale to rival those of Jordan and Tolkien. The story is an action packed thriller and we haven’t even gotten to the true battles yet, just the side line skirmishes.

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