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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Incursion – Aleksandr Voinov

Incursion is a Sci-Fi novella with an unusual twist. The main hero of the story is disabled. Don’t see this much in main-stream fiction but I think Aleksandr did a wonderful job of it. All in all this book has a lot of great action sequences and has an excellent storyline for only being 70-some pages long.

The protagonist, Kyle Juenger, suffered from a debilitating attack during a battle with the Glyrinny. He lost his legs and was basically numb and useless from his bellybutton down. He was fitted with a metal bridge module that lets him connect prosthetic legs.

Kyle is now retired from the military, living on his own collecting social security. He has no steady home and was now completely out of credits. He had survived the suicidal stages of his wound and has been summoned to the Sector Commissars office. She offers him a job that will provide him with enough credits to replace his clumsy prosthetic legs with cybernetic replacements.

All he has to do now is hunt down Kshar, a Glyrinny double-agent. A shape-shifting, brain-eating morph.

He boards the Scorpion, a mercenary ship that Kshar is supposed to be taking back to Glyrinny space. Once on board he runs into an old friend, Grimm, who is also from his home world.

Unable to catch Kshar on the ground, he bides his time onboard the Scorpion until they reach their destination, Ganesh, just outside Glyrinny space. They land and Kyle and Grimm get a hotel room to clean up after their trip and Kyle gets a surprise during their male-on-male lovemaking session.

After their session Kyle wakes to a surprise. He is arrested and hauled off to jail as a Glyrinny subversive.

Will Kyle ever catch the double-agent he is looking for? Will it get him his cybernetic legs if he does? How will he make it out of jail to finish his mission when his DNA shows he is actually not Glyrinny OR Human…

A surprise ending that makes this reader wish the story didn’t end there.

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