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Saturday, October 6, 2012

King's Champion - Cas Peace

This is the second book in the Artesans of Albia trilogy and I must say is by no means lacking for action. The book starts off with a horse chase through the darkened woods in a brave attempt at a rescue.

I admit, I have yet to read book one in this trilogy, but it did not hinder my experience reading book two. I was drawn in immediately and connected with the characters with ease. The authors prose perfectly describes the scenes with such exquisite detail that you can see it as though you’re actually there. I feel as though I have visited the country side of the Andaryan realm.

Cas’ perfectly portrays the characters as they struggle through the challenges they are faced with. With Bull, Cal, Rienne and Taran ordered to return to Albia they experience a wide range of emotions and I must admit that they were so succinctly written that I shared some of their heartache and fear with them.

Sullyan, as the protagonist of the series, was easy to connect with as well. I felt myself siding with her more and more as her trials were revealed throughout the book. I connected with her and Robin as they dealt with the issues of Marik’s supposed betrayal and valor; as they sealed their love for each other with the bonds of rings; as they feared the end of their relationship due to the poison flowing through Sullyan’s soul.

Rykan’s challenge to the Andaryan King provided Cas with the opportunity to show her skill not only with large scale battle scenes, but also with single man-to-man combat. I sat idly by, forced to watch the scenes unfold in front of my very eyes and not be able to lend assistance where I felt I could reach out and touch the blood-covered ground and smell the scents of death in the air.

I really don’t need to read the first book, King’s Envoy, to connect with the characters from the series. However, with that being said, I think I will anyways, not just to learn more of our friends, but to enjoy seeing Cas’ skill in weaving these fantasy tales.

Farewell to the Albians for now, but only until book three, King’s Artesan, is released in August of 2013.

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