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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Parasouls – Divine Intervention – Michele Richard

This book didn’t necessarily capture me in the beginning. I felt there could have been more strife in the relationship between Shane and our Heroine Angelique. Now with that being said, I loved this book!

Angelique is a human, but not quite a human. She is a member of an advanced species of human with various ‘talents’. Her talent is one of cold fire\electricity. She leads a team of freedom fighters who go out into the world and ‘recruit’ other Parasouls. Once they were called witches and warlocks and persecuted as such. Now they are secured and controlled by the government, used for study and research.

Shane is Angelique opposite in every way. Shane is a Parasoul who works with the government. He leads a team of government hunters that go out in to the world and capture other Parasouls. Shane’s talent is regular fire.

Angelique’s and Shane’s teams are sent after the same Parasoul and their worlds quickly combine in a strange and unexpected way. With Parasoul’s, everyone has a ‘polar opposite’; someone that they are destined to be with, that can share or negate their talents. There have been very few polar pairs in recorded history. These two soon learn that they are a destined pair.

Angelique is captured by Shane’s team and taken back to their government facility where she soon discovers the true meaning of pairs. Shane is drawn to Angel; heart, body and soul. He would give his own life to save her, and kill anyone who threatens his relationship with her. Angel feels the exact same things, but she refuses to admit she is in love with the enemy.

After some tense situations at the government facility Angel soon realizes she doesn’t want to fight her feelings and gives into Shane and becomes his wife. They run their first mission together, and make their escape from government control. With the help of friends, they escape to Angel’s home compound of freedom fighters.

That is where this book leaves off… Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a cliff hanger but it’s left just enough unsaid to leave this reader wanting more chomping for the next book in the Parasouls series.

What lies in store for Shane and Angel? Who is the leader that will save them from prosecution?

The action is just beginning; the first battle has been waged; how will the friends fair with an all-out war? Are their more traitors in their midst? I, for one, can’t wait to find out.

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