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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Perfection Unleashed

Perfection Unleashed: A Double Helix Novel (Volume 1) - Jade Kerrion

This is the first volume in what, I believe, will prove to be a very exciting series. The action starts right at the first sentence and rolls through all 20 chapters. I couldn’t pick out one main character, but I don’t think that affected the quality of the storyline one bit.

This series is a mix of Humans, Mutants, In-Vitro beings and Clones. A group of mercenaries set out on a mission to get a tissue sample from Galahad, a being made from hand by scientists at Pioneer Labs. Galahad is rumored to be the ‘perfect’ being, a being with the ‘perfect’ genetic code, and Zara is the human operative sent in to collect the sample. When she gets to lab she is stunned to see Galahad’s living conditions are less than perfect. He is poked and prodded and then left in solitude. Of course during the mission things take a turn for the worse and Zara is forced to take all of Galahad with her, not just a small sample. Unfortunately Galahad and Zara were both injured in the escape.

What follows is a rush of intrigue, deception and blood baths. Zara’s friend Lucien is the money behind the scenes and treats Zara like a little sister. She takes Galahad to Lucien’s home and meets up with Xin, her computer expert. Xin is a clone of Fu Hao, an ancient Chinese military general, queen and high priestess. Lucien calls his mutant friend Danyael from New York to come assist them at his home outside Washington D.C.

Danyael is a mutant, but not just any mutant. He is an Alpha level Empath, with healing capabilities. He is quite possibly the strongest mutant on the planet. He is also a twin to Galahad. This throws another twist into the mix as now this small band of friends not only has to find a way to save Galahad from his would-be captors, but to find out how their friend Danyael is involved and how his genetic code was obtained to be used in Galahad.

Our small group soon finds out that prior to Galahads creation, there were several unsuccessful attempts, resulting in five sub-human abominations. These abominations gain their freedom the same time as Galahad and start a reign of terror in downtown Washington D.C. killing everything and everyone in sight bent on finding their lost brother.

In addition to trying to save the perfect being, figure out Danyael’s connection to him, save the city from the abomination killing spree, the friends soon get a visit from Miyira, a telepathic clone from the Mutant Advisory Council sent to capture or kill Danyael. After an attack at Lucien’s home by the abominations, Miyira quickly convinces the M.A.C. that it’s in their best interest to side with this group of mercenaries.

During a mission to prevent another attack, Xin is captured by an extremist group lead by Jason, the son of Galahad’s creator. During the rescue mission to save Xin, Danyael is captured by Roland, Galahad’s creator, and taken back to Pioneer labs. When Galahad returns to Pioneer Labs to rescue Danyael, all of the plot components fall into place and everyone finds out that Galahad is a military project funded by DARPA. Now begins the flight for their lives.

I am leaving this one as a RAFO (read and find out). What is Roland’s 25 year old secret? Will they be able to get Galahad out of the country safely? What will become of the Abominations that Galahad has formed a brotherly bond with?

Those are the questions to be answered in this book: Perfection Unleashed: A Double Helix Novel.

I can hardly wait for December 2012 for the release of the sequel Perfect Betrayal to find out:

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